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(SPAM) A call from 777888999 will kill you

(SPAM) A call from 777888999 will kill you

This is a fake news being spread to create panic. Its not possible to physically hurt someone with just a phone call. Only avoid calls during lightning and while charging.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media

Dear what’s app users: Please read the message carefully.. It’s not a joke.. In-between 12.00am to 3.00am don’t pick the phone call from the following number.. 777888999.. Yes it’s a 9 digits mobile number.. It’s not fake.. 10 members died because of lifting the call .. One lady will speak to the call receiver.. And she will tell that it’s the last call for you.. Please pass this message to all.. It has been telecasted in public tv.. Please don’t neglect.. Pass it to your friends and family…

DANGER no.777888999 do mobile blast Full details – YouTube


Its a fake pic and false news spreading. With the technology experience of our team we can guarantee you that such an incident would have never happened and it will never happen also. Getting impacted by lightning or using phone when the phone is on charge may be true but a mere phone call from a specific number hurting you physically is not possible. Please don’t panic.

Also during 2011, there was a similar story in Africa and the government had to reassure the public that it cannot be true. Please read more about that at the link below.

Post date: 26 Dec 2016

Post ID: #1887

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  1. 777888999, its a 9 digit number. Forget blasting, you can’t even make call on that number

    • not in the us, silly goose. Other countries have different protocols for phone numbers.


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