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[SPAM] By Indian Navy… Under …Water… Jai Shree Ram

By Indian Navy... Under ...Water... Jai Shree Ram

The fake post is shared with claims about . Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

[SPAM] By Indian Navy… Under …Water… Jai Shree Ram

The fake post is shared with claims about the underwater hoisting of the Saffron flag with Lord Hanuman’s image by an Indian Navy official

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media

Indian Navy… Under Water… Jai Shree Ram


Verification: The Flag Was not Hosted By An Indian Navy Official 

A video showing a diver swimming underwater with a flag of Hindu deity, Hanuman, is going viral on social media. The post is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter claiming that a saffron flag with an image of Lord Hanuman on it was hoisted underwater by the Indian Navy officials. Up Khabar also shared the video with a false caption.

The man in the video is not from the Navy. Check the links shared below to know the facts:

The event is mentioned in Gujratijagran, and PTI ( Press Trust Of India). The name of the diver is  Karamanbha Chamdiya and is mentioned that he is a scuba diver. There is no mention of his involvement with the Indian Navy.

PTI tweeted “A scuba diver raises a saffron flag with Lord Hanuman’s image under seawater at the Shivrajpur Beach in Gujarat. ” Check the videos shared below:

The saffron flag was hoisted underwater by a scuba diver by the name Karamanbha Chamdiya at a beach in Gujarat, not by the Indian Navy


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By  Indian Navy… Under …Water… Jai Shree Ram I Nokiye

Post Date: 05 Feb  2024

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