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Status: SPAM Post Information: Track any mobile number Location with GOOGLE-GPS_GLONSS system which is newly GPS based system releases by Google for Android. Download Now : Verification Details: The tiny URL leads us to a app in a google drive account. Some is claiming this is from Google and trying to make you download his app. Its stored at a GDrive account. Thats the only connection with Google here. NEVER TRY SUCH APPS. Dated: 19 June 2016 Post Code: #290


Status: SPAM Post Information: LOOT !!! wooow Hurry up !!!! Lots of mobiles that are used for testing purpose are not allowed to be sold.So This testing company is Giving away this mobiles for free to limited number of users who got invites.This mobiles are brand new and comes with package.You can get any one mobile phones such as samsung,iphone.etc.I just ordered one mobile phone , to claim your Free mobile phone Choose your mobile model at Verification Details: Post Code: #283

(SPAM) WhatsApp logo should turn blue

This is a hoax about sharing post and WhatsApp Logo Turning Blue. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

SPAM: Bank Account hijack

Status: THIS POST IS A SPAM Post Information: How can your bank account with internet banking facility can be hacked? Worth reading… Hacker accesses your name and date of birth from Facebook. With these details he goes to the IncomeTax site and updates them. From there he obtains the pancard and mobile numbers. Then he gets a duplicate pancard made. After this he lodges a mobile theft complaint in a police station. With the duplicate pancard he gets another simcard from the mobile company. Through internet banking he is now ready to access your account. He goes to the site and uses the forgot my password option. Now he easily gets past other options and gets the Internet banking pin on his simcard. This information was issued by the Cyber Cell Police. All those who used Net Banking a...

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