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[SPAM] Lord Ram And Ram Mandir Image On 500 Rupees Note

Lord Ram And Ram Mandir Image On 500 Rupees Note

The fake post is shared with claims about . Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

[SPAM] Lord Ram And Ram Mandir Image On 500 Rupees Note 

The fake post is shared with claims about the Lord Ram and Ram Mandir image on 500 rupees note

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media

Lord Ram And Ram Mandir Image On 500 Rupees Note

Verification: Viral Images of 500 rupee notes are digitally created. They are not issued by the RBI

Ram Mandir is being inaugurated and people are very festive about it. Along with this event, an image of a 500 rupee note with Lord Ram and Ram Mandir’s image is going viral on social media. The claim is “The new 500 rupees note released by the Reserve Bank..Jai Sriram. .Jai Bharat” and “New 500 notes should be issued on 22/01/2024, Jai Shree Ram”
Users claim that the 500 rupee note was released by RBI and is in circulation.

The claims are false. RBI has not released any currency notes with Lord Ram or Ram Mandir’s image. All the notes still have Mahatma Gandhi’s image on them. A morphed image of a 500 rupee note by an artist Raghunmurth has been used to spread misinformation. Neither the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) nor the Indian government has made any announcement regarding issuing new Ram Mandir-themed 500 rupee notes. Check the links shared below to know the facts:

In the tweet below, the user clarified that the 500 rupee note with Lord Ram’s image is his creative work and someone has misused his creative work to spread misinformation on Twitter. He wanted to clarify that he does not support or own any of the misinformation attributed to his work. It’s important to him that his creativity is not misrepresented in any way. #misinformation #creativity.


The tweet below is in Kannada:

English translation – I have edited this photo by myself to commemorate the inauguration of Prabhu Sri Ram Mandir.

* No such note is printed There is a lot of discussion about this on social media For more information watch the video below ?

Moreover, the main clue is that the script on viral 500 rupee notes is Kannada.

On the official website of the Reserve Bank of India, there is no such information on images of Lord Ram and Ram Mandir on the currency notes. The information is available on the website states that “The new ₹500 notes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series are different from the present series in color, size, theme, location of security features and design elements. The size of the new note is 66mm x 150mm. The color of the notes is stone grey and the predominant new theme is the Indian heritage site – Red Fort.”

For any information related to Indian Currency Notes, look for Know Your BankNote on the official website of Reserve Bank Of India.

There are no news reports or press releases about any new ₹500 banknotes. RBI has not made any announcement regarding the issuance of new notes with Ram Mandir themes.

Additional information:

Here is how you can check if your 500 rs note is real or fake.

1)A see-through register with the denomination 500.
2) A latent image with the denomination 500.
3) The denominational numeral 500 in Devanagari script.
4) Mahatma Gandhi portrait in the center.
5) Bharat (in Devnagri) and ‘India’ are micro letters.
6) Color shift windowed security thread with ‘Bharat’ (in Devnagri) and ‘RBI’ inscriptions. If you slightly bend the note, you can see the security thread change color from green to blue.
7) The guarantee clause, the governor’s signature with the promise clause, and the RBI emblem to the right of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.
8) Watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait and electrotype (500)
9) Number panel with ascending front numerals on the top left and bottom right sides
10) On the bottom right, a denominational numeral with a rupee symbol (Rs 500) in color-changing ink (green to blue).
11) Right Ashoka pillar emblem.
12) Some features for visually impaired people- Mahatma Gandhi portrait (4), Ashoka Pillar emblem (11), circular identification mark with microtex Rs 500 on the right, and five angular bleed lines on both the left and right sides.
13) The note on the left was printed in the year.
14) Swacchh Bharat logo with slogan.
15) Language panel.
16) Motif of Red Fort.
17) Denominational numeral 500 in Devnagri.

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4Spam before you believe and forward any doubtful image, message, or video. Be cautious, and be safe.


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Lord Ram And Ram Mandir Image On 500 Rupees Note  I Nokiye

Post Date: 23 Jan  2024

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