[CLOSED] Priyank Gupta Aged 20 At Indore Hospital

This is a closed case. Priyank Gupta, aged 20, Indore was declared brain dead on 2nd July 2017 and on 3rd July 2017 he was declared dead at CHL Hospital.

[NOT PROVEN] Chelation Therapy For Heart Blockage

Chelation Therapy is commonly used in emergencies like heavy metal poisoning. It as a cure for heart blockages is yet not conclusively accepted or proven.

(CLOSED) Heart Donor Available Contact Nupur Bobde

This is a closed case. We had received a reply from Nupur Bobde dated 24th Feb 2017 saying the organ donation was completed.

(SPAM) Kiran Kumar suffering from brain failure

This message about Kiran Kumar circulating on whatsApp/Facebook etc is a SPAM. Please don't share them. Find more details at this article.

(CLOSED) A baby needs AB -ve blood immediately

This case is considered a closed case, kindly don't share it any more.

(CLOSED) O-ve blood for a 8 yr boy admitted at Zulekha Pediatric ICU, Dubai

(CLOSED) O-ve blood for a 8 yr boy admitted at Zulekha Pediatric ICU, Dubai Post Information: Below message is shared on social media (whatsApp) Anybody has O-negative blood  (non smoker & non drinker strictly) for a 8 yr old boy admitted at Zulekha Pediatric ICU. Please contact Mr. , Father at: 056 9776722. Requirement in Dubai… Spread in your UAE contacts please. Verification: Father is not responding at the number. If you add the Father’s number (+971569776722) and check the WhatsApp profile you will see it saying WHY HIM LORD ??? RIP 23 July 16 Post Date: 31 Aug 2016 Post ID: #614 Thank You for visiting Check4Spam. Please write a comment at this article if you like our service.

URGENT: Blood Required for Kollam victims

NOT SPAM The blood requirement post is NOT A SPAM. But there are already 1000s of people lined up to donate blood. The latest update we have is there is no need for more blood now. If we hear of a need again we will update here. Other news: 1. ഉമേഷ് (35) കഴക്കൂട്ടം 2. രഞ്ജി (22) പ്രശാന്ത് നഗര്‍ 3 ചന്ദ്രബോസ് (35) തലയ്‌ക്കോട് 4 ശബരി (14) വാരിയച്ചിറ 5 അജിത്ത് (27) ചടയമംഗലം 6., വിഷ്ണു (24) പുന്നക്കുളം 7, അനി (47) പരവൂര്‍ 8, വിനോദ് (34) പള്ളിപ്പുറം 9, വേണു (56) പരവൂര്‍ 10. അമ്പാടി (21) മെഡിക്കല്‍ കോളേജ് 11. വിഷ്ണു (21) ഉള്ളൂര്‍ 12. രമേശന്‍ (42) കഴക്കൂട്ടം 13. രാജേന്ദ്രന്‍ (50) പരവൂര്‍ 14. രാജേന്ദ്രന്‍ (52) ഒഴുകുപാറ 15. ഭാസ്‌കരന്‍ (65) പരവൂര്‍ 16. സത്യന്‍ (55) കഴക്കൂട്ടം 17. സതീശന്‍ (50) കോലിയക്കോട് 18. ജോയ് (35) ആറ്റിങ്ങല്‍ 19. സുരേന്ദ്രന്‍ (67) കഴക്കൂട്ടം 20. രാജു (38) നാവായിക്കുളം 21. രാജു (2...

CASE CLOSED: Dimpy Das (A blood cancer patient) is in need of Blood donors, Bangalore, March 2015

CLOSED Current Status: Unfortunately Dimpy lost the battle. ! 🙁 Post Information:(As posted by Shihab K Jamal @Facebook Group Dimpy Das (A blood cancer patient) is in need of Blood donors for her treatment. She is undergoing Bone Marrow Transplant from 27th February in Manipal Hospital. We need more blood donors for this cause and ma friends along with Bangalore Malayali Friends is taking up this initiative. Blood donation dates: March 5 – March 20, 2015 Blood donors needed: 2 persons each day Blood group: All groups are welcome Blood donors should be medically fit (Preferably Men,  because of better platelet count than women)Timings: 9am-4pm Manipal Hospital, Opposite: Leela palace, Old airport Road, Bangalore Contact: Shihab: +91 91...

Missing Kid, KIMS Bangalore

  Post says: This child is admitted in KIMS, Bangalore with head injury and unconscious on 27/1 /15 at 7.30pm Please share this message among your groups so that his parents can be reached. Is SPAM? The kid is from Mumbai, NOT Bangalore. The KIMS authorities even lodged a police complaint after the doctors and authorities received continuous phone calls and inquiries about the kid.       Date Verified 29 Jan 2015 Post Code: 29JAN2015#1  Check4Spam Notes: We are trying to verify the details of the kid so that the right information about the kid can be found.

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